Xbox had one of the best conferences of all of E3 2021. During its showcase next to Bethesda, the company showed a large number of games that we will see this year exclusively on its platforms. Surely seeing the furor they caused, they decided to use these games for the next announcement.

In the video we can see the actor, Simu Liu, whom we will soon see in the new Marvel movie: ‘Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings‘. Liu talks about falling in love while showing various images of the games to come from Xbox, and also talks about how his story is far from over.


The first Xbox title that we can see in the video is ‘Halo: Infinite’, the most recent adventure of the Master Chief. Although this title does not have a release date yet, the director of the brand, Phil Spencer, has said that we can expect it later this year. Let’s hope so because the title looks promising and we can’t wait.

The next one is ‘Flight Simulator’ in its version for Xbox series X / S which will be arriving on July 27. Then we have ‘Psychonauts 2‘, the long-awaited return of Raz and the psychonauts in a new adventure from Tim Schafer and his company, Double Fine. This new platform game will be out on August 25.


Then we had a brief look at Age of Empires IV, the next installment in the acclaimed series of real-time strategy video games that allows you to unleash battles and create your towns in different stages of history, which will arrive on October 28.

The next one to appear is Back 4 Blood, a game considered a spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead saga, where four players must work together to survive waves of zombies and other fearsome monsters. This title is scheduled to hit our Xbox on October 12.

And finally ‘Forza Horizon 5‘ makes its appearance. The new video game in the racing saga, Forza, caused great excitement, especially among Mexican fans, as the game will be totally set in a beautiful and faithful representation of Mexico. We will be able to walk the virtual streets of our beautiful and beloved Mexico this coming November 9.


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