Xiaomi News: When it comes to smartphone sales, Xiaomi has come very close to Samsung. It is even said that Xiaomi will soon surpass Samsung.


For the first time in its history, Xiaomi surpassed Apple to take the second place in the list of smartphone sales. This time, Xiaomi looks like it will catch Samsung’s eye. Considering the sales figures and the difference, it doesn’t seem like it will take much time for Xiaomi to surpass Samsung.

The report published by Canalys Research yesterday included smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2021. Samsung spent another quarter in the leading position with a 19 percent market share. We have been used to this situation for a long time, but recently Xiaomi has made such an attack from the outer lane that Samsung is no longer comfortable here. He delivered his message clearly.

Xiaomi rose to second place in the list of phone sales for the first time in its history with a 17 percent market share. In this period, there is no significant growth in sales as iPhone sales are stagnating. But Apple has a massive user base, and this mass will always be enough to keep Apple in the top three.

Samsung, who is not aware of the danger or has gone to a change of strategy because there is, is under the great threat of Xiaomi. Although Samsung has increased its sales volume by 15% according to the latest data, this rate will be insufficient after a while against Xiaomi’s 83 percent growth. In fact, the user named Ice Universe, who is known to be close to Samsung and has become a phenomenon in the mobile world with the information he gives, makes an assessment that should be taken into account for Samsung. According to the user, if Samsung does not change its sales strategy, it will regress to the third largest smartphone manufacturer in 10 quarters (two and a half years).

We don’t know if Samsung is aware of this danger? The fact that a new Note series phone will not be introduced this year, but instead that the prices of foldable phones will be reduced by 20%, may be a sign of a new strategy.

Although Samsung changes strategy, a new phone is introduced almost every week under the Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO and Black Shark brands. Price and performance-oriented phones are increasing the market share of Xiaomi and its sub-brands in every country. In other words, Xiaomi goes downhill like a truck with a burst brake and crushes everything in front of it.


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