Galactic Falcons News: THEY REVIVED THEM!


One of the animated series of the eighties produced in the United States that had many fans in Latin America was Galactic Halcones. The premise of cybernetic humans with wings to fly and move in space was something that generated an audience on television and sold many toys.

The Galactic Falcons originally premiered in 1986 and was a series produced by Rankin / Bass Productions. It had 65 episodes and a good number of heroes and villains that gave the series some variety.

Rankin / Bass Productions searched the eighty for other space-themed series to match their Thundercats (Cosmic Felines), but, in America at least, it didn’t generate those positive numbers everyone would have wanted.

Now, The Nacelle Company will be in charge of producing a new version of the Galactic Falcons. Who are they, well, they are the ones who were in charge of making The Toys That Made Us and The Movies That Made Us series on Netflix.

This is coupled with the relaunch of the figures of the Galactic Falcons by Super7 who has just obtained the license to manufacture toys of these characters.


Let’s not lose sight of the fact that this series was very popular in Latin America, even higher than in the United States. This could be enough incentive to propose a new series that caters to the nostalgia of more than one region.

Now planning a comeback, getting a license, and so forth requires a business plan, and they may already have one well laid out for the Galactic Falcons. Let’s not lose sight that this project can take time and that it will not come out as quickly as we would like.

You will have to wait a while to know when the project will formally start and where it will be broadcast / streamed. When it happens, we will be able to make a better judgment of what we expect from the product.


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