Samsung’s new pupil, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, attracted all the attention with its dual telephoto lens camera setup. The 100x zoom highlighted by the Galaxy S20 Ultra has been moved to a different dimension with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. So how durable is this ambitious and expensive phone?


This time, the highly anticipated Galaxy S21 Ultra was the guest of

JerryRigEverything, the famous YouTube channel that made its name with its durability tests. Jerry, who started the test with the screen scratch test as always, came across a surprise. The phone, which does not contain anything other than the USB Type-C cable, meets the user with two protective films attached to protect the screen.

After the Gorilla Glass Victus glass is removed from the screen using two protective films, a scratch test is performed respectively and it starts to be scratched at level 6, as in many smartphones. At level 7, deeper scratches begin to form. After all, glass is glass!

The case of the smartphone, which has an aluminum frame, can be damaged by a utility knife, while the back surface can be damaged by materials such as keys. The camera bump is also made of aluminum.

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Finally, the smartphone, which is subjected to the bending test, successfully completes the test. So what do you think, did you think the Galaxy S21 Ultra endurance test was successful? Don’t forget to share it with us.


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