Honor smartphone brand sold by Huawei to a Chinese group is reborn. Negotiations began with companies such as Qualcomm, AMD, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony.

Under the heavy US embargo, the Honor brand, which Huawei has released, will again have the opportunity to trade with Western companies. In this way, it aims to return to the days before the embargo.

Many deals are made
Sold to a Chinese group, Honor brand survived the embargo. Signing a chip supply agreement with Qualcomm and MediaTek, the brand will soon knock on the door of many technology giants.

According to the statement made by CEO George Zhao, meetings are held with companies AMD, Intel, Micron, Microsoft, Samsung, SK Hynix and Sony. Although the Google name is not mentioned, sources are sure that the Honor V40 will come with Google services.

The company, which wants to focus on the middle and high-end smartphone segments, will be able to regain the quality it offers before the embargo, thanks to the agreements it has made. It also hopes to regain its share in the market.


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