Something more pragmatic but 100% revised and with many new concepts.

The interface of Playstation 5 will be different from that of PS4, as reported by Matt MacLaurin, vice president of UX Design at Playstation. In his Linkedin profile he shared some comments about the interface of the new console, explaining that “we will see things soon” and that “it is a little more pragmatic, but it is a 100% revision of the PS4 interface with some new and different concepts ” This confirms that we will have a new different interface for the new next generation console.

In addition, he adds in some answers that “we will talk a little more after the launch”, after being asked if Sony would offer a sample of how they have redesigned the PS4 interface for the new console. “It is a very interesting evolution of the operating system, more subtle than not brilliant, but not a pixel has been left untouched,” highlighting precisely that it has been completely remodeled in the process.

A radical change in the interface

MacLaurin, who is part of the UX (user experience) division, relates in his posts that as an interface the first thing that should be is practice, but “it is a totally new visual language and a remodeling of the user interface”. It also highlights that fans can expect something totally different from the PS4 experience, with news and features that have been created only for PS5. Finally, he also talked about the possibility of seeing PS5 with special editions, assuring the following: “I am sure there will be special editions for everyone, and I hope there will be a special edition of Horizon Forbidden West”.

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The news comes a few days after Tom Warren of The Verge said that the Series X interface would be very similar to what we know from Xbox One, adding some elements and new features and improving speed and performance. Something that, yes, is not confirmed at the moment by Microsoft.


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