The iPhone 12 gives us new information and this time on its supposed size. According to a leaker, the next Apple smartphone may well be smaller than the iPhone SE 2020.

The iPhone SE 2020, which is currently enjoying a nice drop, was a surprise for Apple fans. A “mid-range” at $ 399 which offers the best of the firm’s technologies and, as the best argument, a small size. Because many regret the era of powerful smartphones that were in the pocket and that, Apple has understood. Because as Techradar reports, citing a leaker, the iPhone 12 may well be … smaller than the iPhone SE 2020! A good surprise for the successor to the iPhone 11 and the promise of an alternative for those who do not want a Pro or Pro Max version.

On the other hand, if the iPhone 12 will have a larger screen than the iPhone SE 2020. We are talking about 5.4 inches against 4.7 inches. A modern borderless rendering in the spirit of Apple smartphones from the iPhone X. Without forgetting that the iPhone 12 would be entitled to a notch, much finer this time, unlike the iPhone SE 2020 which does not have one . As a reminder, the iPhone 12 needs this small space to house the sensors necessary for 3D facial recognition, Face ID. With a presentation for September, the smartphone delivers a lot of information lately. Like the models of the different versions.


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