The job application form that Apple’s founder Steve Jobs filled out in 1973 will be auctioned on the Charterfields platform later this month.

The Charterfield platform will hold an online auction for the job application form filled in by Steve Jobs in 1973. This valuable document was auctioned for more than $ 175,000 in 2018.

They formed Apple with Wozniak
It was stated that Steve Jobs filled out this form after leaving Reed College. In the document, Jobs highlights his literary English proficiency, citing not only his computer and calculator skills, but also his interest in electronic technologies and design engineering.

One year after Steve Job left college, he joined Atari as a technician, where he worked with Steve Wozniak. These two friends later founded Apple in 1976. Finally, we should mention that the auction will start on February 24 and continue until March 24.


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