The K-pop phenomenon invades the web and on Twitter the twittering linked to this world exceeds 6.1 billion. Yet another confirmation of what has been happening for 10 years now, Twitter and South Korean pop are growing hand in hand and reaching exorbitant numbers.

In recent years, K-Pop has in fact crossed national borders, effectively conquering the Western market, so much so that the billions of tweets signed with the hashtag #KpopTwitter come from 20 different countries around the world that manage to cover every geographical area of ​​the land.

For example, BTS, a boy band that has taken the form of a real cultural phenomenon completely unheard of in the history of music, is breaking all records related to listening on the various streaming platforms . And today their concert was officially announced within Fortnite Party Reale, a battle royale video game that has already hosted rapper Travis Scott’s show with mind- boggling numbers.

But it is on Twitter that the band, like all South Korean pop stars, get together and organize their community, as confirmed by YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global K-pop Partnerships at Twitter: “ When K-pop artists want reach a global audience, they gather on Twitter to connect with their passionate fans who want to be the first to see and talk about what’s going on. The fans themselves – many of whom are young people from all over the world – gather on Twitter to take part in conversations containing the hashtag #KpopTwitter to feel connected to the global community ”.

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To celebrate these ten years, the platform has opened a dedicated virtual space called ‘Decade of #KpopTwitter’ where fans from all over the world can meet, an exclusive global party live on #TwitterBlueroom that will bring together some ‘pioneers’ of K-pop like Sunmi and Wonder Girls, top global stars like Kihyun and Hyungwon and MONSTA X, and up-and-coming stars like Bang Chan and Stray Kids.

Adds YeonJeong: “Even during the Covid-19 pandemic when K-pop concerts, global tours and fan events were canceled, there was no decline in conversations mentioning the hashtag #KpopTwitter. K-pop fans want to keep in touch with each other and make their voices heard on Twitter ”. A movement that has also directly involved Italy: in fact, K-pop is a topic that has often entered the Trending Topics and in the last year, in the period between 21 August 2019 and 21 September 2020 , Italian fans have more than one million tweets were published, while in 2019 the second most shared Tweet by Italian users was published from the official BTS profile.

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