After several weeks of following the drama The King: Eternal Monarch while it was broadcast, the story of Lee Gon and Tae Eul will finally come to an end, but will we see the protagonists get a ‘happily ever after’?

Today is the day when we will witness the outcome in history that, in addition to introducing us to a cast of great stars, led us to live many adventures with the help of incredible characters who were sometimes difficult to decipher.

The last episode of The King: Eternal Monarch is now available on Netflix, what have you got ready for the end of this story? The chapter is announced with the following description:

During the last chapters we witnessed how Lee Gon discovered the way to travel through time using the Manpasikjeok and also learned how to do it without it. After the emotional farewells of different characters we know that Lee Gon will face his destiny so that Lee Rim cannot cause more damage.

To achieve this, he will have the help of Jo Young, the unbreakable sword, who, loyal to his King, will accompany him to face danger. Previews from the previous episode revealed that they will return to the night that Lee Rim murdered the King, Lee Gon’s father, and stole the Manpasikjeok mita. Can they change the course of history now that they are together?

Run to watch this latest episode and find out how The King: Eternal Monarch will end. If you had been waiting for the drama to conclude to be able to see it in a marathon, then your time has come, because from now on you can enjoy this plot without waiting for the premiere of the following episodes.


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