One of the highly anticipated games of this year, The Last of Us II met with the players. The second part of the game, which is exclusive to the PlayStation platform, will be released on June 19.

When the game’s story leaked, Naughty Dog warned players to stay away from spoiler-related posts. The company takes a quick hand for the game, which leaks shortly before its debut.

The Last of Us II ftagman got a big response from the players
The likes and dissections of the published trailer were hidden. Comments are also unavailable. The 2-minute and 22-second trailer was shared on Naughty Dog’s YouTube channel. It is stated that the video received 23 thousand likes and 70 thousand dissections before being hidden. The fans who waited for this game for years after the game’s story leaked, did not see anything different in the trailer and hated on the forums.

The game, which we expect to be released in February of this year, was delayed indefinitely due to the corona virus pandemic. According to the company’s latest announcements, the game will be released on June 19.

The first game managed to sell over 20 million copies on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. We can say that TLU II, which is one of the most popular games by fans among PlayStation special games, has a short time left.

Although there are claims that the game can be played as multiplayer, there is no definitive explanation from the company yet. Do you think the game can achieve the same success as Part II?


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