Seven years after the first installment, the video game The Last of Us returns to your consoles this Friday, June 19. Repeatedly postponed, The Last of Us Part II is finally available on PS4!

In 2013, the studios Naughty Dog, publisher of the famous games Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted, hit the nail on the head with The Last of Us. This video game immerses you in a post-apocalyptic universe in ruins for 20 years, following a pandemic that has infected humans in a dreadful way.

The world was nevertheless structured by quarantine zones, controlled by the army, where humans try to survive. The player played Joel, a 50-something man who saw the world collapse, losing his daughter in this tragic event.

The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic world with survival as the watchword

Becoming a smuggler, Joel lives on missions to recover food and weapons, escaping from quarantine zones … until the day when he is entrusted with a mission which he reluctantly accepts and which will change his destiny.

Indeed, one of his acquaintances, Marlene, who is none other than the head of the Fireflies, a rebel group that the army is trying to eradicate, offers him, in exchange for weapons, to escort Ellie, a young teenager from 14 years old (who therefore did not know the world before) to a laboratory of the Fireflies.

Joel quickly learns that the girl is not like the others because she was bitten by an infected person but never changed. The Fireflies therefore think that his blood can serve as a remedy for the virus.

The duo therefore crosses the United States and if, at first, Joel curses his mission, he will become fond of Ellie as the story goes. They face groups of smugglers armed to the teeth, the army, cannibals, but also and above all the infected who exist in several categories according to the evolution of the virus: runners, walkers, snappers and colossi.

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The Last of Us Part II, even more violent than the first?

Survival being the watchword of The Last of Us, the obstacle course implies that every object and every ammunition turns out to be precious. Indeed, the character has the ability to craft all his artifacts, whether weapons or healing equipment.

Huge critical success when it was released, The Last Of Us returns for a second opus entitled “The Last Of Us Part II” which takes place five years after the first.

As Neil Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog put it, “The themes of The Last of Us 2 are based on a universal truth: if we are capable of unconditional love, we are equally capable of endless hatred. And these two feelings are inextricably linked. ”

On reading the first reviews, The Last of Us Part II is surprisingly violent, but also for its many twists and turns in the narrative. Visually, the realism of the characters is stunning and the scenery and landscapes are sublime. The border between a video game and the cinema has never been so transparent in The Last of Us Part II, which promises a pretty crazy video-game experience, especially since you will be in charge.

The Last of Us Part II is available since this Friday, June 19, on the PlayStation 4! Happy geeking!

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