New information about The Last of Us Part II came this time from PlaySation CEO Jim Ryan. In an interview, Ryan said that the pre-launch pre-sales of the highly anticipated game even surpassed PS4’s pupil Spider Man.

The Last of Us Part II seems to be more popular than expected. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan interviewed CNET about PlayStation 5. However, the information he provided was a more remarkable subject than PS5; that’s the pre-sales figures for The Last of Us Part II. Ryan says the pre-sale of The Last of Us Part II in Europe is ahead of Spider-Man. Spider-Man was the most purchased game on PS4. Reporter Ian Sherr, who made the interview, announced this information on Twitter.

The Last of Us Part II will only be available on PlayStation 4 on June 19. Although the pre-order numbers go well, the storage space required by The Last of Us Part II, the gameplay video of which was released recently, seems to be a bit upset. According to a claim made on Reddit, the size of the game will be 78.3 GB.

The Last of Us Part II, one of the most anticipated games on the PlayStation 4 console, is now gone. What we learned about the game, which will meet the long-awaited fans on June 19, is increasing day by day.

We have recently told you that a 24-minute gameplay video from The Last of Us Part II has been released. One of the remarkable points in the gameplay video that was highly appreciated by the players was the very realistic death scenes. However, these scenes will not be the only thing that will hurt you in the sequel, and the area covered by the game on your PlayStation will hurt you a little.

According to the claim made by a Reddit user, The Last of Us Part II’s download size will be 78.3 GB. This is the raw version of the download, which means that the space covered by the game can be increased with any first day patch to send. It is claimed that 100 GB of free storage space will be required for the game.


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