New details were shared about The Last of Series, which was announced last year. The series will tell the first game of The Last of Us. However, there will be some differences.

As you know, a series of adaptations of The Last of Us, one of the most popular productions of PlayStation and the game world, are coming. Neil Druckmann, who was the creator of the game and also the head of the series, spoke about the series.

According to Neil Druckmann, the series will be about the entire first game. However, there will be some different events, part by episode. According to Neil Druckmann, his favorite episodes are those that deviate from the story of the game. Although we will see different things in some episodes, Neil Druckmann added that the basis of the story will remain the same.

He also stated that superficial differences are also extremely insignificant to them. For example, he said that they were very interested in what color shirt a character wears. Shooting has not started yet, but behind the scenes things seem to be progressing well. Finally, Neil Druckmann said he saw Clicker’s exemplary design and liked it very much.

Neil Druckmann, creative director of Naughty Dog, and Craig Mazin, creator of the drama Chernobyl, will co-produce and script the series. The leading roles are Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. The soundtrack of the series will be made by Gustavo Santaolalla, who also made the soundtrack of the game. The series will air on HBO. Kantemir Balagov, who has directed productions such as Tesnota and Dylda, will be the director of the series. Release date unknown.


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