Windows XP, which expired six years ago, was still in use as it was a super successful operating system. According to the latest data, the market share of Windows XP has dropped to less than 1 percent.

Windows XP had an important place in technology history as it was the version that completely changed the way we use computers. Although Microsoft unplugged the veteran operating system on April 8, 2014, users continued to use their beloved Windows XP.

Six years after the end of the support period, Windows XP’s market share has dropped to less than 1 percent. This means that most computers are now running a newer version of the operating system. As of August 2020, the share of Windows XP was 1.26 percent. It has now fallen below 1 percent.

It is obvious that it is not very safe to use Windows XP right now. Because the operating system has not been receiving security updates for a long time. The legendary version that Microsoft has ceased to support is approaching the last days of his life, vulnerable to attacks.


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