Bitcoin price continued yesterday’s move, reaching $ 10 thousand 340. Analysts say the real leap will come after $ 10,500.

Bitcoin, which saw $ 10,000 for the first time since the beginning of June yesterday, continues its upward movement from where it left off today.

The largest cryptocurrency with its market value rose up to $ 10 thousand 340 in Bitstamp. The price is at the level of 10 thousand 230 dollars in the minutes when the news is published.

Vijay Ayyar, a business development manager at the cryptocurrency exchange Luno, said in his assessment to CNBC that they are discussing selling the BTCs of the big players of the crypto money industry to the small investors who are new to this world. The aim here is to lower the price and allow big traders to get BTC at a cheaper price:

“But we see that this is not happening now. Seniors are collecting BTC, and now small ones have joined them. This led to the price rising above $ 10,000. 10,500 dollars big resistance point and this level is also having difficulty. If this place breaks up, Bitcoin will likely start a run for $ 15,000. All the signs show this ”

Stating that the explanations of aid packages of states and central banks in the coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in both stocks and gold markets, and that vaccination studies were followed by people with interest, said:

“Thanks to these incentive packages that have never been seen before, we will continue to see increases in the markets, including gold and stocks. BTC and cryptocurrencies will go the same way. Considering that vaccination studies are going well, there is no reason for the possibility of a decrease at the moment ”

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On the other hand, technical strategist of market research and consultancy firm Fundstrat Robert Sluymer drew attention to the level of 10 thousand 500 dollars. Sluymer suggested that this level remains an important resistance point for Bitcoin, and if it breaks, the price will rise to $ 13,880.


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