Season 2 will be in October for Disney + users

It has already been confirmed that “Mandalorian” will air a third season, before season 2 hits Disney + this October.

Pre-production has already started on the follow-up episode batch of the Star Wars spin-off series, with creator Jon Favreau writing scripts and working with the art department.

“We have just started production and are looking for new adventures for the Mandalorian in season 3,” said a source in Variety, saying that Favreau had been writing “for a while” and that the art department had been developing ideas “for the after a few weeks ”.

Another source confirmed that the work started on April 20 and “the gears began to grind very soon.”

Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” ended last month and will launch on Disney + later this year.

It was recently confirmed that Taika Waititi will not be returning to direct any episodes, following her work in the first season. Favreau will direct an episode, as well as Carl Weathers.


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