The top-ranked altcoin Ethereum broke its all-time high and, like Bitcoin, attracted more and more participants to the cryptocurrency market.



Valuations are rising everywhere and if history repeats, the total altcoin market is on the verge of a life-changing breakout.

Given the current momentum and FOMO in the market, a shocking increase could happen within weeks, if not days.


Significant increases

Years ago, few people knew about Bitcoin, let alone the thousands of altcoins that have emerged since the launch of Ethereum and the first decentralized currency.

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 in 2017 caused other coins to rise, and Ethereum reached a $ 1440 high. With the two largest cryptocurrencies, capital began flowing into illiquid altcoins, and that value soared rapidly.

The same scenario is happening again now after a huge bullish surge by both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Bitcoin led the rise from $ 20,000 to $ 42,000 and Ethereum is trading $ 200 higher than its previous high, just days after breaking the record.

Both assets are currently in price discovery and driving the rest of the market. But according to the recent big leap in the altcoin market, we haven’t seen anything yet and what’s about to come could change your life.


Bull status

An easy feat from millions to banknotes in months. Total cryptocurrency market capitalization, including Bitcoin, has now exceeded $ 1 trillion. Can altcoins alone be valued in trillions soon? Some analysts believe Ethereum alone could be worth more than $ 1 trillion. Forecasts for Bitcoin have risen to $ 10 trillion, so why can’t other altcoins do the same?

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Life-changing fortune may be just around the corner, but remember, wealth is only earned when positions are closed.


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