Microsoft unveils new titles for its subscription service, while confirming games that will no longer be in the service.

From the ends of space, an artificial intelligence of unknown intent rises from its lethargy. She is in charge of guiding one of the survivors of an accident on the space station. Observation, developed by No Code and published by Devolver Digital, will be one of the new Xbox Game Pass titles. It will not come alone, since Microsoft has announced that The Messenger, Night Call and Streets of Rogue will be the companions of this space adventure.

All of them will be available on the Xbox Game Pass console, while Observation will also make an appearance on PC. Night Call invites us to drive a taxi and chat with the most diverse clients. We can enjoy it from June 24. Only a day later, the rest of the games will be published. Notably, The Messenger, one of the award-winning indie titles, was previously available on Xbox Game Pass on PC previously. Console players will now also be able to control a ninja in a cursed world.

Titles to be abandoned by Xbox Game Pass

Whenever a news list is announced, a farewell list is also published. There are only a few days left for you to enjoy the titles shown below these lines. It will be from June 30 when they disappear from the service, at least for the moment. Among the most notable titles to say goodbye is Life is Strange 2, the narrative adventure of Dontnod Entertainment. The same happened with Metro Exodus, which will leave the tunnels in the Xbox Game Pass catalog on the same date.

  • Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (PC)
  • Die for Valhalla! (PC)
  • Life is Strange 2 (Console)
  • Metal Slug X (Console & PC)
  • Metro Exodus (Console & PC)
  • Neon Chrome (Console & PC)
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (Console & PC)
  • SteamWorld Dig 2 (Console & PC)
  • The Flame in the Flood (Console & PC


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