‘The Ministry of Time’ took very little time to become a network phenomenon, but unfortunately, it never had a spectacular live audience. His followers have always been in doubt about its continuity and surely more than one gave up the series after so long without news of it after the end of the third season. Luckily, the fourth ended, and tonight La 1 has finally released its first episode, ‘Lost in Time’.

Already in the stupendous prequel released by RTVE, it was clear that Rodolfo Sancho’s return to the series -will this Julius be Eulogio or not? – was going to be the great axis of the beginning of this fourth season and ‘Lost in time’ It has confirmed with a chapter that reflects very well all the virtues that the series displayed in its first three seasons. And without a trace of those weaknesses that he showed from time to time.

A long-awaited reunion
It was clear that ‘Before there is no time’ it was not going to clear all the doubts about what had happened with the characters of ‘The Ministry of Time’ in just over 10 minutes, but many of those doubts are cleared in the start of ‘Lost in time’. It is still a reunion of old friends for both the characters and the viewer, but without falling into simple fan service as there is a need to articulate the story of the season.

It is a fresh start and allows a viewer to be well positioned who even appreciates the broad summary of what happened so far in the series before the real beginning of ‘Lost in Time’, but everything has to return at some point to the usual structure of the series, that is to say, the patrol receives a new mission and has to execute it, with the particularity in this case that one of those involved in it could be Julián, who was presumed dead.

Of course, before that it is clear that the series will not solve the situation of all the protagonists in this first episode of the fourth season, thus being able to play with the question of when it will be entered into by leaving some conflict for later. Now the really essential thing is to know if this Eulogio is Julian or not and for this we are taken to the beginning of the Franco regime and once again the setting work is more than remarkable. He did not expect less, but it never hurts to highlight one of the virtues of “The Ministry of Time” again.

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"It was a waste not to do season 4 of 'The Ministry of Time.'" Rodolfo Sancho

A great mission
Once involved, the case of ‘Lost in Time’ is interesting and knows how to go far beyond its nature as a possible rescue mission by complicating the relationship between two of the patrol members. It does it with all the sense of the world instead of being a mere whim of the script and I imagine that it serves in turn what is to come in future episodes. And it is that happiness comforts, but every series needs a conflict and here is a juicy one.

However, that is still a secondary element in ‘Lost in Time, a consequence of the need to clarify who Eulogio is. As expected, all the doubts are not resolved here, but enough to channel the series. Along the way we meet a Rodolfo Sancho who seems to have never left the series. I will not enter here to recover useless debates as if he was a better character Pacino or Julián, because it is certainly better if you can have both Sancho and Hugo Silva at the same time.

For the rest, there is a script detail about the mission that arises on the fly – you would not believe that everything was going to be as easy as contacting Eulogio and identifying him, right? – that can be shocking for the viewer, especially from the start When it can cross your mind that a more science-fiction-like resource beyond time travel has been used, but everything clears up quickly. It is still what convinces me least of the episode, but it has its logic.

Beyond that, the notable presence of humor is once again appreciated, including a nice nod to a previous work by one of the protagonists, and the agility and ingenuity in the dialogues. The latter is something that ‘The Ministry of Time’ has always displayed, making its less inspired chapters more bearable and functioning as the icing on the cake in the best-built ones. In this case I would not put ‘Lost in Time’ among my favorites in the series, but in this second group.

In short
It was already a joy to be able to see a new episode of ‘The Ministry of Time’, but it is even better if it is with one that reminds me of everything I liked about the series as it happens with ‘Lost in Time’. Now I just want to relax and see what surprises Javier Olivares has in store for us in the rest of the fourth season.


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