According to Newzoo’s research data, 52 percent of the game market comes from mobile games. In addition, the global game market is expected to reach a volume of $ 204.6 billion by the end of 2023.

We all know how big the game industry has become today. This sector, which previously appealed to a certain segment, has now begun to appeal to people of all ages. With the effect of the epidemic, the sector has grown in the last two years.

$ 90 Billion of Game Revenue from Mobile

According to the data released by Newzoo recently, the highest growth in the game market since 2012 occurred in 2020, with an annual increase of 23.1 percent. In 2020, 177.8 billion dollars revenue was generated in the game market. By the end of 2021, the revenue is expected to reach 175.8 billion dollars. Undoubtedly, the biggest reason why the last year was higher than this year is that we spent most of the year at home due to the epidemic.

We have said that mobile games have a big share in the growth of the game industry. 90.7 billion dollars of 175.8 billion dollars of revenue expected to be reached by the end of the year is expected to come from mobile games. If a result comes as expected, it means that approximately 52 percent of the game market will be mobile games.


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