Legendary Super Mario Bros. A copy of his game, purchased and forgotten in 1986, was sold at a record price at auction. The previous sales record was once again owned by Super Mario.

Taking its place among the legends of the game world, Super Mario Bros. is now the most expensive game in history. A copy of this fun game, purchased in 1986, found buyers for $ 660,000.

Forgotten in the drawer
As a reminder, let’s note that the game was released in 1985. The previous world record also belonged to another Super Mario game and was sold for $ 114,000 last summer. According to sources, Super Mario Bros., which was sold for 660 thousand dollars. The cartridge is stated to be in perfect condition and in a sealed packaging.

The game has an interesting story, according to the Associated Press. Super Mario Bros. cartridge was originally purchased as a Christmas gift but was forgotten in the drawer. The game that has been lying there since 1986 has passed to its new owner without even opening its original packaging. It was stated that the first person who bought the game found the cartridge by chance in early 2021.


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