Many people stay at home because of the Corona virus. With the increase of people staying at home, live broadcasting platforms also reached record level views. The most watched games on Twitch, which is the largest of these platforms, have also been determined. However, the number of views on live broadcasting platforms also increased significantly compared to last year. Twitch was at the top, while YouTube and Facebook Gaming were second and third, respectively.

In the researches, besides the most watched games, the most watched publishers per hour were also determined.

The most watched games and broadcasters have been announced on Twitch
Game channels on Twitch were watched 1.49 billion hours, while music and chat channels outside the game reached 1.69 billion hours. Except Twitch, the growth rate was three fold to Facebook Gaming. The platform with the lowest growth rate was Mixer. However, Microsoft has marketing plans for Ninja along with Xbox Series X and Halo. All major live streaming platforms watched on average 45 percent more from March to April.

At the beginning of the most watched games on Twitch list ranks the Valorant. Launched Riot as a closed beta, Valorant offered users a chance to drop a key. Thus, many users who wanted to play the game watched Valorant broadcasts for a long time. Valorant broadcasts were watched 334 million hours in total.

After the Valorant, Just Chatting, used by the broadcasters for chat purposes, was watched an average of 134 million hours. Just Chatting, which has experienced a growth of 138 percent compared to last year, has gained a great momentum in this field. The months which contributed most to the achievement of this number was April. Third place is League of Legends, another Riot Games game with an average of 128 million hours of watch.

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The publisher that reached the most views per hour on Twitch in a global sense was Anomaly. Following Anomaly, which is watched for approximately 35 million hours, summit1g comes with almost similar views. The reason why these two shared the summit was stated as Valorant publications.


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