NFT News: Non-tradable tokens (NFT) have already entered the film industry with several low-budget productions. However, according to the latest developments, NFTs are finally preparing to make a noticeable impact with the production called “Zero Contact”.



NFT platform to host Zero Contact movie

The action movie starring two-time Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins will debut on NFT platform Vuele, according to a recent report from The A.V.

The pandemic-era movie was filmed in 17 locations via the Zoom videoconferencing software app. With this feature, the film has already caught the attention of moviegoers.

Can protect against hacking

Hopkins, 80, who gained fame for his character as Hannibal Lecter in the movie “Silence of the Lamb,” will play a genius tech giant whose invention could save or ultimately destroy the world.

The movie called “Zero Contact” is expected to be released in five NFTs.

The film’s director, Rick Dugdale, stated that the unusual film distribution model was designed to create shortages and combat piracy. Dugdale says only those who buy can actually own the movie:

NFTs will prevent the movie from being copied and protect us from piracy.


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