The film of the Rubik’s Cube, or as it is known in our country, is the Cube of Patience or Intelligence Cube. You can find the details in our news.

A very interesting movie was announced in the past hours. The movie of the toy, whose real name is Rubik’s Cube, but known as the Brain Cube or Patience Cube in our country, has been announced.

According to Deadline, there is a movie of the Rubik’s Cube, one of the best selling toys in the world. Nothing is currently known about the film, produced by Hyde Park Entertainment Group and Endeavor Content. In particular, details such as the plot, director and script of the film are currently being kept seriously secret.

The exact genre and style of the movie is also unknown, but let’s say it will not be in the documentary genre. Other than that, no details are known about the movie, unfortunately.

The Rubik’s Cube, invented by Ernõ Rubik, has been sold over 350 million since its launch. Of course, this number does not include non-original products. Despite being one of the best selling toys in the world, it has never been the subject of a movie or a TV series.


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