An important announcement has been made for the OnePlus Watch, which will become official with the highly anticipated OnePlus 9 series. Here are the details …


A very important statement was made for the OnePlus Watch, which will become official with OnePlus’s highly anticipated new smartphone series. The smart watch, which will be introduced with the highly anticipated OnePlus 9 series, says goodbye to Android.

The smart watch, which is expected to be announced with OnePlus 9R, 9 and 9 Pro models, will not use the Android operating system like other models. Developed for wearable devices, the Android Wear name has not been successfully remembered so far. Due to this situation, OnePlus will use a special RTOS-based operating system.

Although Android, which is very ambitious in the smartphone market and does not even allow manufacturers to try other options, unfortunately, was not so effective in the smartwatch market. However, it is interesting that Samsung will use Wear OS instead of Tizen in the smart watch models that will be announced this year.

When we look at the other features of the watch, we see that a round design is used. The model, which is expected to come with IP68 certification, is said to be able to measure the pulse and oxygen rate in the blood in addition to standard features such as step counting. The warp fast charging system promises a weekly use with a 20-minute charge.

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Let alone all these rumors, all the facts about the model will come to light on March 23. What do you think, will OnePlus Watch be the nightmare of its competitors?


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