The Apple iMac will appear on May 21 with the M1 chipset. The computer will come even more advanced.


While life continues negatively all over the world due to the Corona Virus, the launch of new technological products is also delayed. While companies cannot carry out face-to-face activities with users since January 2020, they have been trying to catch up with online activities. One of these companies is Apple. Apple, which opened the new iPad Pro tablet model to pre-orders with a pocket-burning price tag yesterday, is currently struggling with a lack of stock. While the company stated that it will deliver the purchased tablet models in July, there have been new developments for the new Apple iMac today.

The company, which includes the Apple M1 chipset in both computer and tablet models, will offer its users a faster and smoother experience. With its advanced structure, the M1 chipset, which will quickly spread to Apple products, seems to be mentioned a lot. The chipset that will appear in the new iMac models and iPad Pro seems to scare the competitors.

Apple iMac with M1 Chipset to be Introduced on May 21

Apple, which has various problems in the production of the chipset, is currently looking for solutions to these problems, while on the other hand, it is preparing to introduce its new iMac computer model. The company, which will try to attract the attention of users with its new computer model on May 21, used the M1 chipset for the first time in its new computer model. The computer, which will appear in three different structures, will also have different color options. The product, which is opened to pre-orders in three variants, will have a 24-inch screen model and will be astonishing with its price.

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