Google has made a new app move for parents who spend more time with their children because of the Corona virus. Read Along by Google, an educational and entertaining application for children 5 and older, is open for early access. The application, which is offered free of charge, is designed to make children’s time online more efficient.

New Google app: A fun Reading
Google recently came up with a mobile app rank listing apps approved by teachers. After this move, the company, with the new Google application, adds a new one to its education-oriented applications.

Read Along by Google: The application A fun Reading was previously released in India under the name Bolo. The application, which achieved the expected success there, was then expanded to 180 countries and 9 languages ​​in total.

The working principle of the application is based on Google’s artificial intelligence system. Thanks to the virtual character named Diya, the kids say some words while the application is open and this assistant analyzes the words. Educating for this mobile application, which is very instructive for children to improve their vocabulary, comes to the fore.

Commenting on the new Google app, Google engineer Zohair Hyder writes in a blog post, “The virtual character named Diya can identify whether children are struggling with words or can read successfully, and can identify with text and speech-oriented technology.”

The most important detail of the application is undoubtedly that it is free and no purchase will be made in the application. One of the built-in features of the application are profiles that can be created for more than one child. These profiles are collected from children all over the world and can be adjusted to appeal to more children.


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