While Epic Games normally offers one free game every week, it offers a new game to the players free of charge at 19.00 every day for 15 days for the New Year.

Cities: Skylines was the first of the free games, while the second game announced tonight was Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.

The new free Epic Games game has been announced!

With the approach of New Year’s Eve, there are big discounts on many game platforms. Unlike these, Epic Games comes out with both big discounts and free games. Epic Games released a free game every day from December 17th to New Year’s Eve, and the first free game was Cities: Skylines, where you can create a big city by building roads and buildings.

Epic Games announces the new free game at 19:00 every evening starting December 17. Players have 24 hours to add the announced game to their library.

New game available for free on Epic Games
His second free game tonight was New ‘n’ Tasty. You can join an endless adventure in this game where you fight monsters. You can add them to your library for free until 19:00 tomorrow evening.

We are eagerly awaiting which game Epic Games will offer to players for free at 19:00 tomorrow evening. Which other free game do you think would be? Or which game would you most like to be free?


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