Different leak information about Apple’s new iPad models continues to emerge. Now, an important detail about the new iPad mini model has come to the agenda. Accordingly, Apple will make a difference with its new iPad mini display and will use this new technology as a transition.

Mini-LED technology will be used for the new iPad mini display
Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for his accurate descriptions when Apple leak information and claims came to the fore, spoke about the new iPad mini this time. He stated that Apple is currently working on mini-LED display technology and that this display technology will be used in the new iPad mini model for the first time.

In addition, it is stated that the mini-LED will not only be limited to the use of iPad mini, but will also be included in 6 different new products that Apple will launch in 2020 and 2021. However, it seems that the transition to this display technology will not be a permanent innovation as expected.

It is stated that Apple will use the new mini-LED display technology as a transition device before using the micro-LED display. Explanations that Apple will continue on its way with OLED and micro-LED screens for a long time in the future attract attention.

What are the mini-LED features?
Compared to the currently used backlit LED display technology, the new mini-LED display has many advantages. In the new display technology, pixel lighting is done separately for each pixel. There is no general refinement.

Thus, better contrast, higher brightness values ​​and more successful results can be achieved especially in black color production. There is currently no clear comparison data on energy consumption. It is possible to say that new information about this issue will start to emerge in the coming days.

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In addition to all this information, it is pointed out that Apple’s process of developing new display technology is not extracted from Corona virus. As a matter of fact, the planning of new Apple products seems not to be interrupted, at least by the new display technology.


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