While “The New Mutants” was slated to release six months before Disney’s takeover of 20th Century Fox will be announced, the studio delayed the film, and then the addition of Marvel Studios endangered the future of the film.

The last release date for “The New Mutants” was supposed to happen last month, but then the pandemic effectively closed all theaters around the world.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the Marvel movie is still destined for a theatrical release.

This is a surprise to many, especially after Disney reorganized its entire board due to continued closings due to the health contingency. The new update indicates that Marvel still has plans for “The New Mutants” in theaters, but that this is not a campaign launch.

It’s good news for fans of “The New Mutants” eager to see the movie on the big screen, as Disney may rush in once the theaters reopen to give them a shot at the movies.

Currently, the exact date of a possible release of “The New Mutants” in the cinema is not known, but it is certain that we will see it on the big screen someday.


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