Bill Nelson, Joe Biden’s new NASA president, challenged China. Nelson said that the United States should step up the Artemis program as soon as possible and go to the Moon before China.

NASA’s new president Bill Nelson made some key statements today about the future goals of the space agency. Speaking of some of NASA’s great goals, such as the Manned Moon program Artemis and sending astronauts to Mars, Nelson also made some interesting statements about China, the rapidly rising country of space. Nelson said that the US should definitely go to the Moon before China.

78-year-old Bill Nelson, who took charge of NASA on May 3 under Joe Biden’s administration, said, “The National Space Agency of China plans to go into orbit of the Moon first, then land on the surface again in the 2020s. So they will land people on the Moon. We have to get something out of these plans. Now we have to stop idling and complete our astronaut landing systems as soon as possible. ” used the expressions.

The Chinese space agency shared the first photographs taken by the Zhurong rover from the surface of Mars today. It was noteworthy that the president of NASA showed these photos to the camera in his speech. Nelson stated that these moves of the Chinese space program once again revealed why the United States should return to the Moon as soon as possible.

Nelson also mentioned some of the unmanned missions that China is planning to the south pole of the Moon in the coming years. Stating that NASA is planning only one small mission to the south pole in the next two years, Nelson said that its rivals, China, aimed to send 3 large spacecraft to the same region in this process. drew attention.

The south pole of the Moon has become a very important region for space exploration, especially recently. In an announcement made by NASA in recent years, it was officially announced that the south pole contains densely water glaciers. Nowadays, this is shown as the most suitable area for manned lunar missions. NASA’s Artemis astronauts will land on the south pole. In addition, China has a plan to build a space base in the same area.


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