A researcher from Varun published a little-known Twitter account analysis that he believes could belong to the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, based on his tweets giving clues about bitcoin and the active period.


Which account?

The researcher published his findings on Substack, according to Bitcoin.com reports, and the ‘Goldlover’ (@fafcffacfff) Twitter account was very active at the same time as the launch of bitcoin, and Satoshi Nakamoto stopped active shortly before leaving the cryptocurrency community. revealed.

The account was created in May 2008 and is mentioned frequently in gold. According to Varun, the account may be referring to gold when referring to “Bit Gold”, a decentralized 2005 proposal by Nick Szabo for a financial system using cryptography and mining. Szabo’s proposed financial system is close to Bitcoin.

According to Varun, the account “made a reference to the Digital Gold Currency in September 2008 among an incredible amount of silly tweets about gold”. The account often tweeted about decentralization, financial crisis, people who lost their homes, and criticized the fiat currency and the Financial Reserve.

Varun pointed out that these are “all the hallmarks of talking points Satoshi uses in post-Bitcoin announcements, e-mails and forum posts.” Varun pointed out that “this account may belong to Satoshi Nakamoto because he talked about Bitcoin outside of Hal Finney’s account in January 2009.” Finney received the first bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto and posted the “Run Bitcoin” tweet on January 11, 2009. Goldlover tweeted about Satoshi Nakamoto two days later.

Shortly after, the account tweeted “completely decentralized with no servers or trusted parties”, possibly referring to the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin. Since Varun publishes his research, users have been interacting with Goldlover’s tweets.

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The researcher pointed out that the encrypted account was the second account to tweet about Bitcoin after Hal Finney. He also pointed out that he debunked the theories that Hal was Satoshi because it wouldn’t make sense to tweet from such a little-known account.

One of Goldlover’s most encrypted tweets sparked some speculation, reinforcing a theory that Satoshi Nakamoto left clues to access his Bitcoin wealth.

According to some, the tweet can be seen as a clue to how to access Satoshi Nakamoto’s thousands of BTC that have been mined since the early days of the cryptocurrency’s existence.

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