There are some leaks related to the new season, which will be released for the online game of the Call of Duty series, the COD Modern Warfare, played by Activision. Sharing on Reddit shows the weapons to be added to the game in the fourth season. Even more interesting, this leak allegedly happened to the player by chance.

The online FPS game COD Modern Warfare, which is played worldwide, gets season updates from time to time. With these updates, new characters and weapons are added to the game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 weapons leaked
“Igavemyhandhiv” ‘s share on Reddit platform shows the video of the weapons to be added to the game with the new season. According to the user’s explanation, this incident happened to his friend, his friend discovered new weapons by chance.

Although there is no evidence that the images are real, the reactions on the platform are generally positive. COD Modern Warfare is among the weapons to be added with the new season; APC9, Vector, Galil, HK G28 and XM109 are included. Although we can only see APC9 in these games, everything will become clear with the new season. Although some users say that these images are not real, the great positive feedback strengthens the accuracy of the video. So what are your views?


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