The Nubia Red Magic 6 player-oriented smartphone can increase its 12GB RAM capacity to 18GB in software. Thus, the games run more smoothly.

Increasing the memory capacity of electronic devices virtually with software goes back a long way. For a while, and possibly still, the capacity that appeared as 1GB in Chinese flash drives decreased to 128MB after the format. Now we see this method on smartphones.

Nubia Red Magic 6 will offer virtually 18GB of RAM
A RAM craze has begun, especially in player-oriented smartphones. Asus ROG Phone 5 is preparing to offer 18GB of RAM. His opponent, Nubia Red Magic 6, also catches up with him in a different way.

Using the RAM overclocking technology called Magic Write 2.0, the Red Magic 6 model can virtually increase the amount of RAM from 12GB to 18GB. Thus, a more fluent experience can be offered in games.

Magic Write 2.0 software is part of the Red Magic Arc Reactor engine. This engine enables the system to run smoothly by using the processor, graphics and memory efficiently. However, it is not clear whether the extra 6GB of RAM memory will be covered by the storage memory.

The Nubia Red Magic 6 model is expected to have features such as an OLED display with 165Hz refresh rate, 480MHz touch sampling rate, trigger keys, Snapdragon 888 chipset, 4500mAh capacity battery and 120W fast charging.

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