The Epic Games Store is getting stronger every day on the user side.Epic Games Store shared its 2020 growth report showing that it has reached more than 160 million customers and daily active users.

In addition, the company has officially confirmed that the free weekly free game promotion will continue into 2021.

While the number of Epic Games Store users was 108 million at this time in the previous year, this number has now increased to 160 million. On average, 31.3 million users entered the store every day, up 192 percent from last year. The highest number of concurrent users was 13 million. The number of active users per month has also increased significantly. The number was 32 million in December 2019, and 56 million in December 2020.

The increase in users has also meant greater number of purchases and playtime. PC users spent more than $ 700 million in the Epic Games Store in 2020. $ 265 million of this went to third-party games. Meanwhile, users played over 5.70 billion hours of Epic Games Store games in 2020, compared to 3.35 billion in 2019.

Epic Games also points out that the store’s number of games offered for sale increased from 190 in 2019 to 471 in 2020. 103 of these games came with popular free promotions and more than 749 million were requested by users.

In 2020, Epic introduced significant infrastructure changes in its store that were not obvious to computer customers, as well as features such as wishlists, mod support for certain games, self-service refunds and offline logins. In 2021, Epic says it prioritizes more community-focused features such as reworked social items, wishlist improvements, achievements, player profiles, and maybe even a shopping cart.


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