After the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, the number of phones with a second screen in the camera slot is gradually increasing. One or two more models may come during the year.

The interesting camera mount screen of Xiaomi’s new Mi 11 Ultra flagship attracted a lot of attention. Sources expect smartphones with multiple camera mount screens to come out during the year.

New trend is coming
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra flagship attracted attention with a second color screen integrated into the rear camera slot. We’ve seen concepts such as the second screen adjacent to the top bezel or the e-ink second screen placed on the back, and Xiaomi was the last of them.

Sources state that the number of such smartphones will increase during the year. It is not known which company will participate in the train after Xiaomi, but it was brought to the agenda that Huawei received a patent for a similar design.

Generally speaking, the second screen concept did not hit the smartphone market. The logic of the second screen was to save the main screen from constantly turning it on and off, to reduce energy consumption and effort, or to take selfies with the rear camera. Models like the Meizu Pro 7 offered a second screen, but we could not see any new additions. Let’s see what will bring us this year?


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