With a Windows 10 security patch that will be released as of April 13, the older generation Edge browser will be removed and the Chromium-based Edge version will be installed instead.

Although the browser competition started well for Microsoft, it turned into frustration, especially with the introduction of open source projects. Finally, the company that decided on the Chromium-based Edge browser is removing the old version.

13 April last day
Microsoft, which competed with Internet Explorer in the early years of the Internet, gained a great deal of space especially thanks to its integration into the Windows operating system. Difficult times began for Internet Explorer in the mid-2000s with projects such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Although it introduced the Edge browser based on the EdgeHTML engine with Windows 10 to be a breath of fresh air from the competition, it was not realized. Microsoft eventually made a radical decision in 2019 and switched to the Google Chromium project. In June, the new Chromium-based Edge browser was launched.

The company is preparing to remove the previous Edge browser in order to allocate resources correctly and not to distribute users. With a Windows 10 security update released as of April 13, the old Edge browser will be removed and the Chromium-based one will be installed.

As of March 9, security support for the old Edge browser would be terminated. In this respect, it was understood that the end was approaching. For those who have a new Edge browser on their system, the update will only remove the old browser.


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