The second major patch that will fix the bugs and performance issues of Cyberpunk 2077 has been postponed to the second half of March. You can find the details in our news.

Cyberpunk 2077, published and developed by CD Projekt, was released in recent months. As you know, they made an extremely bad debut in terms of performance, and they announced that they will release two major patches to fix these issues and apologize.

The first patch was released last month, and the second and main patch was announced to be released this month. However, according to the statement made in the past minutes, the second big patch has been postponed. The reason for the delay is the cyber attack that CD Projekt has suffered in the past weeks. The patch, which is normally expected to be released this month, was due to the second half of March.

As we have already transferred to you, CD Projekt has been attacked by a cyberattack in the past weeks and the source codes of many games, including Cyberpunk 2077, were stolen. Even then, these source codes were sold on the internet.

This patch, which will be released in March, will largely fix the game’s performance problems and errors. The game will run more stable especially on older generation consoles.

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