Nelson Replogle, a former teacher in Barry County, is accused of hiring an online hitman to murder his wife Ann. According to reports, Nelson paid someone $ 17,800 in Bitcoin to kill his wife while going to a veterinarian appointment with the couple’s pet.

According to an April 21 complaint by an FBI Special Agent, Clay M. Anderson, the Knox County Sheriff’s office took action to protect her immediately after receiving information containing the woman’s location. The authorities went to his home to ask some questions to understand why someone would want to kill him. Nelson Replogle insisted that he knew nothing about the hit man during the interrogation.

But Replogle’s suspicious actions have revealed the truth. The researchers traced the Bitcoin used for the transaction and discovered it was sent from a Coinbase wallet owned by Replogle. Afterwards, Replogle was arrested the next day. During the study, the FBI collaborated with Coinbase, Horizon Bank and AT&T to open its files, and later revealed that Replogle was the person behind the plan.

Finally, Replogle is now facing up to 10 years in prison because the target was not injured.


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