A man living in Colorado, USA, the country most affected by coronavirus, was plague. This case was the first plague in the USA since 2015.

The coronavirus, which infects more than 14 million people worldwide and causes more than 600 thousand people to die, hits the US the heaviest blow. According to John Hopkins University data, the country has more than 3.6 million cases and more than 139 thousand casualties.

Moreover, the situation in the country does not seem to be getting much better with regard to the progression of coronavirus. More than 77 thousand new cases were detected the previous day and a record was broken. Of course, the fight against coronavirus does not mean that different diseases do not show up again.

A plague was found in a man

A man in the state of Colorado, USA, was found to have suffered a plague. According to the news from The Denver Post, it has been the first plague in the USA since 2015. The man was allegedly contacted by a wild squirrel.

Veterinarian Dr. Colorado Public Health and Environment. “We see the vast majority of plague cases during the summer months. The disease is seen in reptiles throughout the year and can sometimes spread to domesticated cats and dogs, as well as spreading to other wildlife species,” said Jennifer House.

The plague infected man was cured by giving antibiotics with proven effectiveness against the disease. Over the past 20 years, plague has been seen in many wild and domestic animals as well as many people in Colorado. The disease is believed to be carried by the rodent population in the region.

Plague, seen in different periods in human history, causes one third of the European population to die in the Middle Ages. The infectious and lethal plague can now be treated with modern antibiotics.


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