Publicist, which is planned to be launched by Lara Vandenberg in mid-March, but recently launched due to the global effects of the corona virus outbreak, is an online platform that brings together freely operating marketing and PR employees. Vandenberg, who previously served as senior vice president of communications and marketing at Knotch, states that they aim to provide job opportunities to public sector-seeking industry workers.

In fact, Vanderberg started to form the Publicist while working in Knotch, but in the future, he decided to leave where he worked to focus on his initiative. A beta test was also launched earlier this year before launch this week.

Publicist aims to help businesses find and hire freelancers for jobs such as content creation, crisis communication, strategy to go to market, or even hire a temporary CMO. Vandenberg stated that Publicist is researching all the talents on the platform and these freelancers work for brands such as Apple, Nike, Microsoft, IBM, Away, Glossier, Casper and Google. Publicist is not just implemented to establish the first link between the company and the self-employed; Note that it is designed to enable the full collaboration process with tools such as video chat and screen sharing.

The venture prefers a 20 percent commission from work done as an income model. It is uncertain when the initiative, which is currently in service in the USA and Canada, will be used in other countries.


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