Shane Whiton, one of the YouTube creators, developed a cue cue stick that shoots and never misses, taking all parameters into account.

Mastering the game of billiards on a professional level takes years, hundreds, or even thousands of hours of practice. A fancier named Shane Whiton of the Stuff Made Here YouTube channel decided it was too long and boring, and instead of working with a coach, he developed a robotic cue that never missed.

Calculates all parameters
The device can calculate the hit in real time, taking into account the ball’s spin, weight, and all other possibilities required to hit the hole correctly. The cue is built around a servo linkage for precise aiming and a pneumatic drive hitting the ball. Thanks to the Arduino board, it can calculate all the necessary parameters.

In addition, the cue can determine the position of the ball as well as predict the trajectory of other balls. You can see how the system works in detail in the video above. “It was more difficult than I thought. It took me a long time to overcome all the challenges of this project, but when it finally came together, it was worth it.”


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