Batman: The Animated Series, one of the most beloved animations of Batman, one of the most loved and popular characters of the comic book world, is being remade.

We can say that Marvel and DC brands are more in our lives now. It has had a great success especially in Marvel movies. Although DC has not achieved the same success on the film side, it has been in a monopoly on the animation side for years. One of the most popular characters of DC, Batman, the most popular animated series seems to come to the screens again.

We think that Batman: Animated Series, which started in 1992 and ended in 1995, but we can still find in some channels today, that most people have seen it in a part of their lives. In our country, even for years, episodes have been repeated on TVs. That animation seems to return to the screens again.

Kevin Smith, who is also a director and actor, one of the trusted names in the industry, said in a podcast he recently participated in that he heard a plan for a re-adaptation of Batman: Animated Series from very important and reliable sources. He even thinks it might come from the creators of the latest Batman animated movie Batman: Soul of the Dragon, he said.

It is worth remembering that there is no official statement yet, but if Kevin Smith speaks so clearly, we can say that at least a plan has been made.


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