The Foundation series, based on Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction series of the same name, is expected to air in the Fall of 2021.

Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction series The Foundation will soon get its first series adaptation. The highly anticipated release date of the series prepared by Apple has gradually become clear. Producers of the series David S. Goyer and Michael Malone announced that the Foundation’s first season will hit the screens in the Fall of 2021.

Most of the footage of the foundation series was shot in Malta. Goyer and Malone, who made a statement to the Maltese news site LovinMalta, said that the first season of the Foundation series will consist of 10 episodes in total and will meet with the audience in Autumn this year.

8 season plan made
Goyer and Malone also made some statements about the future of the Foundation series on the Apple TV + platform. According to the statements of the producers, a long plan for eight seasons has been made for the adaptation of the Foundation. It is thought that it would be much more logical to adapt the Foundation series to 8 seasons and 80 hours instead of 2-3 hours of films.

Apple currently only has official approval for the first season of the series. It’s nice that the producers are making plans for the upcoming seasons, but for these plans to come true, official approval must first come from Apple. The number of views for the first season, which will be released in autumn, will influence Apple’s decision on this issue.

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The leading actor of the Foundation series is Jared Harris, the rising actor of recent years. We will watch Harris, who we know from the Chernobyl series, in the role of Hari Seldon, which we can describe as the protagonist of the series in the Foundation series. In addition to Jared Harris, Lee Pace, another famous name, also stars as the Galaxy Emperor Brother Day.

The shooting of the series started in late 2019. You can watch the first trailer released below.


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