Fidelity Digital Assets has released a report examining digital asset investments and interest from institutional investors. The report published by Fidelity Digital Assets concluded that 71% of institutional investors plan to purchase or invest in digital assets in the future.



According to the research, Fidelity Digital Assets expects institutional investors’ interest in digital assets to increase over time. The report highlights that seven out of ten institutional investors may purchase digital assets in the future. Additionally, the published report says that more than 90% of those interested in purchasing digital assets in the future will invest within five years.

The study by Fidelity Digital Assets also confirms that interest in digital assets among institutional investors has increased recently. The report includes the following statements:

We say that according to the survey data that has increased the interest. Just over half (52%) of institutions surveyed in Asia, Europe and the US are currently investing in digital assets. It shows a continued rise in adoption over the next few years.

The report says that the rate of increased interest in Asia is now higher than in other continents, reaching 71%. According to the survey data, there has been an increase since last year in Europe and the USA.

Tom Jessop, President of Fidelity Digital Assets, stated that the maturation of the crypto market is effective in increasing the interest of institutions.

Jessop commented on the growing interest of institutions in digital assets:

“The increasing interest and trust we are seeing is a reflection of the complexity and institutionalization of the digital asset ecosystem”

Jessop also said that the increased interest was the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the financial and monetary measures taken in response, many institutional investors identified their investment instruments and their transactions became operational.

Digital asset interest continues to grow

The report says that the price fluctuation in the markets is a major barrier to the market. It was written that the lack of fundamentals is a major deficiency in determining the value of digital assets. That said, about eight in ten institutional investors will still add digital assets to their investment portfolios.

The number of European investors accepting digital assets rose by two-thirds from the previous year to 77%. 69% of US investors think the same way. It increased by 5% compared to the previous year.


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