Dwayne Johnson, or better known as The Rock, is still a very busy man since the actor is currently filming Red Notice for the Netflix streaming platform and will be seen next on the big screen on Jungle Cruise, but that’s not all that Johnson has done these days.

The Rock is also currently training for its DC debut as Black Adam. The actor published his first training photo for the role in January and continues to update fans on social networks.

The fighter turned Hollywood super star gave us a mini teaser that there will be a great power shake in the DC Comics Cinematic Universe, and he has made a routine of publishing his training photos online.

If you thought The Rock was ripped off earlier, it seems that it is reaching a whole new level like the villain of Shazam who will have his solo film: “Black Adam.”

Black Adam arrives in theaters on December 22, 2021. Shazam! 2 will arrive in theaters four months later, in April 2022.


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