The fourth movie of the Expendables or Hell’s Angels series, which brought together many popular action movie stars, is starting shooting this year.

As you know, the Expendables or Hell’s Angels series, which started in 2010, brought together the actors of many popular action movies. Although they are not very good as a movie, it must be said that the action part is intense.

In the past years, the fourth movie was said to be coming, but after the announcement, there were some problems and the production process of the film could not start for a long time. Randy Couture, the director of the fourth movie, said in a statement that there is a script for the fourth movie and that the film will be made. He said the film will begin shooting in the autumn of this year, but added that it could be delayed to the autumn of 2022.

Randy Couture added that the script has changed many times due to the problems he has been experiencing since the release of the movie. Unfortunately, no details are currently known about the new movie. Of course, the biggest curiosity for such a movie is the actors.

If filming begins in autumn, as Randy Couture said, some important details such as the cast will be revealed before filming.


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