What better way to start the year than with new changes? Sometimes a transformation is necessary and when closing a year as difficult as 2020, there is no better way than to give a completely different image to this new moment in our lives.

K-pop idols often implement various fashion and style trends that become very popular with fans and “DanBal Byung” is a trend that has gained a lot of popularity in this industry, so if you are considering a change in style, this could be a great option.

In South Korea, the term for being obsessed with short hair is called “danbal-byung” (단 발병). “Dan-bal” means short hair and “byung” means sickness. And although this has been used by various idols, there are some who have highlighted it even more, popularizing the term. Check out some of them below to inspire your new look.


Lisa and her charming doll image have conquered the hearts of fans of hers by proving that she can look just as beautiful with long or short hair. How about those sidelights?

TWICE’s Momo

Compared to Lisa, we can see a more natural and even uncomplicated look in the image of Momo, who has also worn this look for quite some time.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon

JeongYeon has had short hair for most of her career and it really suits her. You can be inspired by it if, in addition to wanting a new cut, you want a new color, an extreme change!


Suzy is also all inspiration for “danbal-byung.” The cut of hers is even a little higher than the previous ones and also gives a fresh and youthful look.

Are you planning to change your look for 2021? Which of these idols will you be inspired by?


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