HarmonyOS News: Huawei’s new operating system HarmonyOS came up with the initial opening video. It made the new video operating system look stylish.


Continuing to lose power in the smartphone market, Huawei is making new breakthroughs. The countdown has begun for HarmonyOS 2.0, which has been developed since 2019. With the news coming today, we learned that the new operating system will be launched on June 2, and we shared our news with you. In addition, we mentioned that Honor, the company’s old sub-brand, will also produce smartphones, not cars. Brand new developments continue to come from the Chinese technology giant. Now the video of starting the operating system has fallen on the internet. The operating system in the video looks very nice.

The company, which will release the new operating system on China on June 2, will also appear globally in the coming days. The operating system displayed with the new video seems to make a difference to its competitors.

HarmonyOS Start Video Released

As the dates show June 2, new news continues to come from the new operating system, which will be launched on China. If we talk about the opening of the new operating system, we hear a very nice sound rhythm at the opening. Along with the sound, the name of the Huawei brand is gradually appearing on the screen. After the name of Huawei, the operating system catches our eye with a very nice animation. Finally, there is a Chinese article at the end of the video and the date is indicated to users on June 2 at 20.00. Let’s look at the highly anticipated operating system and wait and see what it will bring.


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